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What is draught proofing?

Draught proofing is the process of sealing your home against air leakage. Air leakage causes draughts, resulting in cold surfaces and uncomfortable rooms. Excess heat is quickly lost through gaps in sashes, seats and other areas, which can lead to condensation and mould within your home. If your home has been draught-proofed you can be confident that the hot air from your living space won’t be lost to the outside world. Draught Proofing: At its simplest level involves sealing gaps and cracks around doors and windows with a foam or silicone based sealant.

At Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton, we install draught proofing strips on all popular window profiles and types including traditional sash windows.

To make your sash windows as thermally efficient as possible, call us to see about draught proofing. Call 01273 257 597 for a free quote.

What are the Causes of Sash Window Draughts?


Old Window Seals

Biting cold draughts coming in through old window seals are a telltale sign of sash window draughts. Whether it’s a loose screw or a piece of rotten wood, if the seal around your sash windows is damaged then you can be sure that warmth will be escaping in winter and cool air will be seeping in during summer.

Damaged window seals

The window seals are designed to separate the inside of your home from the cold, wet weather outside. If they are not fitted correctly and have been damaged in any way, air will pass through them as you draw the sash up or down. You may have noticed draughts entering around the base of your sash windows as you open and close them. This is caused by damage to the window seals.

Old Window Frames

Old window frames can be the source of draughts. With parts moving or failing over time warping, cracking, or splitting may all prove to be the cause of draughts in older buildings.

While modern window frames are made from sturdy materials and with care taken on production lines to ensure compatibility, there’s no denying that nails can loosen. When this happens it allows air to leak in along the sides and underneath the frame.

Damaged Window Frames

Don’t let a draughty sash window ruin your home. A draught may seem like such a small issue but it can have a huge impact on the temperature of your home. If left untreated over time, it can cause damage to your frame and lead to more expensive problems.

Poor installation

Draughts around sash windows are often caused by poor installation. The problem may be with the incorrect or poor fitting of the bottom rail, which can stop the sashes from closing properly. Another cause can be if the central mullion (vertical piece) is not fitted tightly against the top and bottom sash frame.

Damaged structure

Damaged sash windows, such as warped or damaged wood frames or cracked glass can leak and disrupt the seal between the two sections of the window. This is one of the most common causes of draughts from your sash windows.

Absence of draught-proofing seals

Draught proofing seals help improve energy efficiency by stopping cold air from entering the property through unsecured or worn windows. If you haven’t checked your windows recently, it’s probably worth giving them a quick check over because a draught can account for up to 10% of your annual fuel bill.

If you are experiencing any of the above, it’s best to contact us on 01273 257 597. We’ll check whether any missing or damaged pieces are to blame and suggest how they may be fixed.

What are the Benefits of Draught Proofing Your Sash Windows?

Reduced energy bills

Draught proofing your sash windows can reduce heat loss by up to 50% and draughts by up to 95%. That could save you money on energy bills all year-round. You’ll be surprised at how adding draught-proofing will give your property a much warmer, cosier, and more comfortable feel to it.

Eliminates draught, rattling, and wobbling

Draught-proofing your sash windows will undoubtedly eliminate draught, rattling, and wobbling in sashes. It’s the most economical method of providing you with a home that is comfortable all year round. Draught Proofing will effectively remove draughts and stopping noise transmission, by adding 50mm to around 75mm of insulation to your Sash Windows.


Draught proofing also improves the soundproofing from outside noises. Sash windows that are not draught-proofed can let in a lot of noise from outside, you’ll be able to hear everything that is happening on the street. Draft proofing helps to block outside sounds which will help your children get a better night’s sleep!

Healthier home

Having draught-proofed windows installed will help you create a healthier home since it stops air leaks that can allow in harmful dust and allergens. It will also reduce the risk of condensation and mould, which can damage your home’s structure and make it dangerous to live in.

Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton Sash Windows Draught Proofing Services

Britain is in the grips of an energy crisis. Fuel prices are higher than ever and soaring costs threaten a life-or-death struggle with gas suppliers. And with many homes still not back to pre-global-warming levels of insulation, energy bills are set to rocket further in the coming months. So make the right move now and take steps to make your home safer and more sustainable for years to come by contacting Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton.

Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton has been established for over 10 years providing draught-proofing solutions catered for most wooden sash windows.

  • Professional Window Replacement
  • Supply of Energy-Efficient Materials
  • Secondary Glazing
  • Sealing Draughts
  • Repairing Damaged Glazing Or Timber
  • Fitting New Locks and Ironmongery Services
  • Weather Strips, Beads, and Draught Excluders For Your Sash Windows

Our services include full draught sealing which involves removing old putty from the windowpane, cleaning and resealing it with

Reduced carbon footprint

A draught-proof sash window will have a reduced carbon footprint than a double-glazed sash window. While the overall impact this has is relatively small, it’s another environmentally friendly reason to draught-proof your sashes.

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Our Sash Window Draught Proofing Process


  • sash window

    Step 1: Initial Consultation

    Don’t let the winter months get the better of you. Maintain your thermostat settings and keep warm with a draft-proof sash window. During our free consultation, we’ll discuss your home’s particular needs before creating a custom solution.

  • Step 2: Draught Analysis

    We have the expertise and experience to help you eliminate draughts and heat losses through your sashes. Our draught-proofing experts analyse and assess your home, talking with you about the different draught-proofing solutions available. Once an assessment is complete we work with you to create a solution that will suit your lifestyle and budget.

  • Sash Windows Draught Proofing

    Ace Windows offers a range of draught proofing solutions that are both attractive and affordable. Edwardian sash windows are beautiful to look at but have been known to leak, leaving their owners out in the cold. Ace’s range of draught-proofing products help reduce heat loss through your windows and will keep the cold out in the winter and the warm in all year round. Better quality, better value for money.

  • Step 3: Solutions Recommendation

    We can offer you a complete solution for effective and affordable draught-proofing for all sizes of property, from individual homes to large care-homes. We have extensive experience in the industry, and always ensure it’s done properly.

  • Step 4: Installation

    At this stage, we mark up the frame and glass to understand what needs to be done. We then remove the sash from the frame, which allows us to repair or replace everything that’s needed. Then we rehang the sash, reglaze it, rebalance it and finish by adding draught seals.

Why Choose Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton?

High-quality materials

You may think you know that you’re paying the best price, but some of the cheaper options on the high street are not built to last. At Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton, we only use the highest quality materials so that your sash windows are built to last.

FREE on-site estimates

After a great first meeting, we’ll come back out to provide you with the full details.

On-site visits are free of charge, so there’s no risk in us coming out to your home. We also carry out a free measure & survey, which means we can give you an accurate price straight away.

Competitive price

Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton is a local family-run company dedicated to providing our customers with affordable and quality windows. Our wide variety of windows are available at competitive prices, so call today!

Superior craftsmanship

Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton, are specialists in window manufacturing and installation. We pride ourselves on craftsmanship and a commitment to customer care. Because we only employ the best experts in their field, our customers can be assured that they receive the highest quality services possible.

On-going Support and After Sales Service

Here at Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton, we understand the need for on-going support and service in addition to your windows. That is why our installers and supervisors are always available by telephone if you have any questions or queries about these essential product features. Not only that, but we will be happy to help with any after sales service issues or concerns you may have in the future- an important feature that means we stand by our quality products and services.

Excellent customer service

Our excellent customer care service is available to handle any queries you may have. Our experienced sales team is on hand to give all the advice and support you need. Whether you want to know more about our sash window draught-proofing or want to order a new sash window from our large range of sashes, we are here to help.

10-year guarantee

Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton has over 10 years of experience in the industry and offers the highest levels of customer service. The Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton team are all fully trained, insured and Gas Safe engineers – which means you can trust them to do a fantastic job with no fuss or mess.

No job is too big or too small for us

No job is too big or too small for Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton. We offer a free no-obligation quote for any work on your home or business anywhere in and around Brighton with the highest standards of workmanship & customer care. Get in touch today to talk through any project you have in mind that needs our expert attention and we promise to make it our top priority.

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We’ve been doing this for years and have the knowledge and experience to help you have it done right the first time. Our business has evolved tremendously over the years. We use only the best of materials and workmanship to give you the top quality Sash Windows Draught-Proofing service you deserve.

To find out more about our services, get free quotations, or arrange an appointment, call this number 01273 257 597.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does draught-proofing sash windows work?

Not only do draught-proofing sash windows work, but they are easy to apply, change the appearance of your home, and make a huge difference to the comfort inside your property. It’s no wonder that draught-proofing has become one of the UK’s leading energy saving solutions for homeowners who are looking to reduce their energy bills.

How long will draught-proofing measures last?

The right draught-proofing measures will save you an amount of money each year equivalent to the cost of installing them. The longer you have them, the more money you’ll save. But the benefits don’t stop there – your home will be more comfortable and have lower bills for many years to come. If they are installed by a competent person, you can expect them to last for as long as possible, even decades.

How do I stop my sash windows from rattling?

To stop rattling sash windows, the first step is to identify which window panes and sashes are in contact. Check the window from the inside by closing it gently with one hand and feeling for which panes are touching or about to touch. Once you know where they are touching, you’ll be able to make some adjustments. It’s important to do this delicately so as not to weaken the window.

Does draught-proofing require building regulations?

No. Draught proofing does not require the time and expense of the building regulation process. The process is a simple cost-effective solution to reduce losses from draughts and heat leaks in existing buildings.

How long does the draught-proofing process take?

Draught-Proofing won’t take long, but it could take two hours or more to properly seal your home. Once we have finished this process you will be confident that the weather won’t disrupt your life, it won’t break a sweat and it will still be there for you for a very long time.


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