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We offer wooden sash window restoration, sash window installation, double glazing, maintenance, refurbishment and replace old sash windows.

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Arthur is a hardworking and dedicated Glazing specialist, with over 10 years trades experience


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What are the types of sash windows we install?

With the different features and types of sash windows Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton can offer, there is something for every type of home and homeowner. Our windows come in a number of options, making us one of the best sash window companies in the area.

Double Glazed Sash Windows

Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton has an excellent reputation for providing double-glazed sash windows and undertaking quality restoration work. Our team of experienced service experts and installers have over a decade’s experience and will deliver high-quality services to our customers. We can, measure, supply, and install a completely new double-glazed sash window system for you.

Timber Sash Windows

Timber is an amazing material that is hard-wearing, stylish, and can really add to the structure and appearance of your home. Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton has been supplying and installing timber sash windows for over a decade and we’re experts in our art. Our expertise and experience in traditional timber sash windows are why we are often asked to fit them in period homes.

UPVC Sash Windows

We install uPVC sash windows and also carry out repairs and replacements on all models within the uPVC range. We offer one of the best ranges of UPVC sash windows in Brighton! Our uPVC sash windows are the perfect solution to period homes. Our beautifully crafted UPVC sash windows are an economical alternative to the cost of replacing expensive oak frames and costly hardwood replacement parts. To find out more about Sash Windows and how we can help with your project call us on 01273 257 597 or [email protected].

What are the features of Our Sash Windows

Our sash windows are crafted with a range of features to always make your decorating dreams a reality. Choose from an array of paint finishes, new rope and cords, and more. These include:

Our Sash Windows are Safe

Your home is a place of sanctuary. Our range of sash windows is installed with safety in mind, for more than just protection against the elements. Our Sash windows are designed to close firmly and if required locks can be added to each window.

Elegant Style

Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton specialises in the supply and installation of classically styled sash windows. Available in a range of styles and finishes, our sash windows combine the elegance of traditional architecture with your choice of modern glass options, many featuring Low-E glass for maximum energy efficiency.

Innovative Double Glazing Technology

Our sash windows are manufactured with innovative, lightweight double glazing technology that seals firmly and quietly every time. This innovative double glazing technology makes sure that your home is able to retain heat. Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton has the right products for warmth retention and efficiency.

What are the benefits of installing Sash Windows?

Having windows that are built to last a lifetime, bring unparalleled light & tranquillity to our homes is such a great thing. Sash Windows have been in use for over 300 years and during that time, there have been many reasons why people have chosen to use a sash window in their home. Some of the more common benefits are:

Draught Free

Sash windows have a host of benefits that could add value to your home, including being draught-free, which helps prevent cold air from escaping, making them ideal for the colder months when you need more heating at home. Additionally, extra insulation around the glass helps to keep your home warmer and protects against noise pollution.

Reduced Noise and Air Pollution

By installing sash windows, you can greatly reduce noise pollution and air pollution. The double-glazed sash windows from Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton, reduce noise from traffic, trains, planes, and other sources. They also reduce pollution in the room and help to keep the environment clean.

Reduced Heating Bills

Sash Windows are an essential and cost-effective method of upping the thermal performance of your property. In fact, a Sash Window can reduce the amount of energy used per year and save every household much-needed pounds, this is a fairly substantial saving that would leave you with more money in your pocket and less going out of it.

Improved Security

Sash windows are more secure than other window types. This is down to the fact that they cannot simply be pushed open. If you’ve got sash window replacement or sash window repair in Brighton, then you will be increasing the airflow, reducing draughts and noise from the outside, therefore making your home more comfortable. Plus the design of sash window design helps restrict access to your property.

Why Choose Us?

At Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton, we never lose sight of this basic value, which is why so many people choose us for their home improvement projects. More reasons to choose us for your sash windows are:


Bespoke Window Installations

Interested in bespoke sash windows installation and repairs for your property anywhere in Brighton or surrounding areas? Our team of experts will make sure that you get value for money, together with a bespoke installation that matches the aesthetic of your home.

Competitive Prices

If you’re after high-quality double glazing installations at reasonable prices, choose us for affordable sash windows installation in Brighton. Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton provides a free, instant quote online with a full breakdown so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Clean and respectful

Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton is a window installation company operating in Brighton. We pride ourselves on being punctual, tidy, and above all honest in all we do. We are friendly and treat your home the way we would want ours treated whilst providing an excellent service.


If you’re looking for quality at a great value, choose Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton. Our expertise and local knowledge will inspire confidence in your new windows.Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton has been installing sash windows in Brighton for over 10 years. The aim of our company is to provide 100 percent customer satisfaction with quality services at affordable prices. We do not use sub-contractors and all work is carried out by skilled, qualified, and experienced professionals within our own team, so you can trust that work we do will last as long as possible.

Ten Year Guarantee

Over time, the beautiful lines and function of your sash windows will wear down unless they are properly looked after. At Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton, we offer expert sash window installation in Brighton and surrounding areas with a 10 year guarantee. We’ll help you with every step of your sash windows installation in Brighton so that you can be sure it will be done right.

Professional Service

Our company combines experience and passion in order to offer you the finest sash windows installations anywhere in Brighton and the surrounding area.

We have been doing this successfully for years, so you can be sure we know what needs to be done in order to ensure our customers get the finest experience and benefit from unmatched quality. When you hire us, you will receive both professionalism and expertise that will exceed all expectations and meet your demands completely.

What are the styles of sash windows we install?

The style of sash window we install in your home depends on the type of property, the age of the property and how it’s constructed. The three main types are:

Georgian Sash Windows

Georgian Sash windows are the most common type of sash window in use today. Our Georgian sash windows feature a sash that rises in the middle between two vertical dividers, known as sashes or panes. We install Georgian Sash windows available in traditional styles such as horizontal sliding sashes and vertical lifts, or more modern sliding casement types. Get started on your project by giving us a call today on 01273 257 597.

Edwardian Sash Windows

Are you looking to give your home character? Upgrade to authentic Edwardian sash windows and bring the charm of yesteryears into your space. At Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton, we install Edwardian sash windows that come with larger wooden frames and operate with weights rather than pulleys. The upper sash is usually smaller than the bottom one to ensure that little light can be seen from the outside of your home.

Victorian Sash Windows

The Victorian design is a classic and timeless type of sash window. Perfectly suited to any period property, the windows are traditionally hung or sit on rollers and have a distinctive profile with slim glazed bars. At Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton, we install a wide range of Victorian style sash windows.

Our Victorian sash windows are traditionally styled and available in a choice of timber, painted or stained. The traditional timber finish can be supplied in cream, black, or redwood. They offer outstanding thermal efficiency and are aesthetically pleasing due to the classic design. Based in Brighton, Trade Timber Windows and Doors Sash is the local expert for sash window installation and sash window repair in the surrounding areas of Hove, Kemptown, Peacehaven and Portslade. With over 10 years’ experience across all our services, we are dedicated to delivering an exceptional level of service, with no compromise as to quality. We offer a range of traditional sash window styles to suit your property’s period style, from Victorian through to Edwardian properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for us to install your sash windows?

Sash windows installation takes one to two days on average for two sash windows. Sash windows installers usually work 8-10 hours a day but we recommend getting in touch with us and arranging an estimate so that we can give you a time frame based on your needs.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Sash Window?

The national average is around £900, but this depends on so many factors. Size and style of window and whether it is a double or single-ended sash will be the main contributing factors to cost. Location and material also factor into the cost.

Can Sash Windows Be Double Glazed?

It is possible to have sash windows double glazed. This is done by placing a secondary glass pane within the window frame. This creates an airtight seal that allows for the two panes to work in conjunction with each other, providing increased thermal resistance and sound insulation.

How do you maintain a Sash Window?

Sash windows should be cleaned regularly. If the window is painted, a light wash with mild detergent and a soft damp cloth will suffice. Keep the paintwork as clean and free of dirt as possible – this will make future maintenance easier. If the windows are unpainted they should be washed at least twice yearly using a non-fluoride detergent solution in warm water (you can use regular washing up liquid).  This should be done on sunny days so that the windows can dry out thoroughly afterward without any risk of cracking or swelling. Remember to apply plenty of solution to avoid scraping dirt from dried soap.  

What happens on the day of installation, how do you protect my home? 

All of our installations are performed by highly trained and experienced craftsmen. We take all reasonable care to ensure the safety and well-being of your home during the installation.  All debris is removed and cleaned away from the site, including excess dust, and locks are returned to their original locking position. We will ensure the site is safe and clean at all times. You are welcome to stay in your home whilst we carry out the installation.


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