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We offer wooden sash window restoration, sash window installation, double glazing, maintenance, refurbishment and replace old sash windows.

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What is Sash Window Restoration?

Sash window restoration involves the refurbishment of traditional sash windows. Each component—including cords, pulleys, hinges and handles—is restored to working order while maintaining the original appearance.

Upgrade the look of your home by joining the movement and restoring your old sash windows. In just one day you can have a transformed space that’s more energy efficient, better insulated and more secure.

What are the Benefits of Sash Window Restoration?

Eliminates draughts

On a daily basis, draughts from broken sash windows can make you feel cold in your own home. Nobody wants to live with that kind of discomfort. Not only will draught prevent you feeling cosy in your home, but it also uses excess energy to heat the room – so it ends up being a complete waste of money.

Helps to eliminates rattles

If you want to stop that window rattling, get that window restored. Let our expert team of restorers work on your sash windows and you’ll never hear a rattle again. It’s a relatively quick job and will help to eliminate that annoying sound of rattling windows we all loathe so much.

Offers improved ventilation

It doesn’t matter whether you have a little single pane sash window or a larger casement window, sash windows that aren’t in full working order aren’t doing their job effectively. Traditional old fashioned sash windows can be very draughty and noisy, which makes them hard to bear in the summer or winter months. By identifying and restoring your broken sash windows, you will be able to get more ventilation into your home as well as retain the heat within during colder winter months.

Enhances insulation

Sash windows are often the primary source of heat loss in a home. That’s why carefully restoring sash windows is so important. Sealing and insulating sash windows helps keep the warmth in your home, saving you money on heating bills and reducing carbon emissions.

Environmentally Friendly

A professionally refurbished sash window offers a durable and energy-efficient solution, with the reassurance of warranty and solid wood being a natural, environmentally friendly material.

Reduces dirt and dust ingress

Sash window restoration improves the efficiency and performance of your sash windows, ensuring they remain effective for many years. By restoring sash windows you can reduce the amount of dirt getting through into your home, which will also improve the appearance and save on having to re-paint.

Improves security of the home

Sash window restoration has been proven to provide security benefits for your home. The additional strengthening of the sash allows for more security overall as the replacement windows are secured within it, avoiding accidents where thieves could break through and break glass.


When Should I Restore my Sash Windows?


When the frame is rotten

We have seen first hand how rotten frames can let all sorts of unwanted damp and debris into your home, causing damage to fabric and carpets. This can result in a host of problems further down the line, so it’s worth booking in to have the work done sooner rather than later. Rotting sash frames can be easily replaced by one of our expert carpenters.

Reduced energy-efficiency

Sash Windows are an important part of any building’s thermal envelope – they seal in warmth in the winter and keep out the chill in the summer. However without regular maintenance, sash window frames tend to lose their seal over time. Restoring your wooden sash frame with Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton will not only increase your window’s energy efficiency but also reduce draughts and air leakage.

Old hardware issues

Old hardware issues on your sash windows can be dangerous and extremely frustrating. Over time, the metal components of these old windows tend to fail and break or become loose, causing them to stick, pop out of place, or scratch your glass and paint finish. The dreaded window shutter is a sure sign your window needs a restore. It’s important to handle these problems quickly, because if you don’t fix them in time you could experience some serious water damage.

Lack of proper maintenance

There’s no doubt that a restoration is costly but it can be an investment of both time and money. It’s really important to ensure that your windows are well looked after. A lack of proper maintenance can lead to a number of problems, which over time will get worse if not repaired. If you don’t want a complete renovation then there are things you can do to preserve the look of your sash windows without spending too much.

What are the Steps For Restoring Sash Windows?

  • Remove Old Paint From Sash Windows
  • Replacing All Sash Cords
  • Rebalancing Sashes by Re-weighting
  • DS Perimeter Draught Sealing System
  • Final Paint Application

Why Choose Our Sash Window Restoration Service?

Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton is a reputable company specialising in traditional sash window restoration and replacement. We have a passion for the sash window, and we know you do too. That’s why we offer full design to installation services – meaning you can trust us the entire way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can old wood windows be restored?

Yes, the only problem is to decide if you want to replace your whole ageing window system with new windows or restore them to their former glory. This is something not everyone can afford, but it is what people want. However, in most cases you can save money by restoring windows rather than investing in a totally new window system. If you’re serious about other old issues of repair and restoration, we have a range of useful information on our site.

Do I need planning permission to restore windows?

In the vast majority of cases the answer to this question will be ‘no’. If you are replacing a window that has been damaged or is no longer secure then it will frequently not need planning permission. This is called permitted development.

Do I need to remove curtains/blinds/furniture before the window restoration services?

It would be ideal to remove curtains, blinds and furniture before the window treatments restoration process. However it is not necessary. The technicians will be able to work around and will take care of your property during the whole time they are there.

Do I need to supervise/be at home when the work takes place?

No, you do not need to be at the property for the work to take place. Simply let us know when it will be convenient for our team to meet you and answer any questions you may have before they start the job.


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