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We offer wooden sash window restoration, sash window installation, double glazing, maintenance, refurbishment and replace old sash windows.

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Our Professional services


Casement Sash Windows Replacement

When it comes to the replacement of your casement sash windows, Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton makes it easy for you. Our competent professionals use up-to-date methods and tools while performing casement sash window replacement. We pride ourselves on our excellent workmanship and are always eager to help our clients.

Casement Sash Windows Installation

Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton offers professional sash windows installation in Brighton and the surrounding areas. Our team of experienced workmen will help you select the right style for your property and carry out the process to a high standard. Our skilled team will also help you choose from our range of casement windows so you can make an informed decision about which option is most suited to your needs. We provide a free survey, so feel free to contact us on 01273 257 597 today.

Casement Sash Window Refurbishments

All of our Casement Sash window refurbishment works are carried out by approved, insured, and competent professionals. We have completed thousands of casement sash window refurbishments over the years and offered complete satisfaction guaranteed.

Casement Sash Window Renovations

We at Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton are a company specializing in casement sash window renovations. Our team of professionals will complete your restoration as quickly as possible, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

What are casement windows?

Our casement window is a traditional sash frame window. The sash opens freely through a fixed glazed panel or through detachable glass panels, which may be set in mullions and framed in timber, steel, or aluminum.

Our casement windows are made of the best quality products. The advanced design and precision engineering enable our casement windows to be smooth operating, draught free, secure, and highly durable. Casement windows can add both beauty and value to your home.

Our expert casement windows installation team work with our best-of-the-best products because ‘only the best is good enough’.

Casement Windows are a traditional type of window featuring outward opening sashes. They provide maximum ventilation, energy efficiency, and have a distinctive style. Many modern floor-to-ceiling casement windows can be motorized for convenience, or they can also be fitted with security locks to prevent unwanted entry. Other types of casement windows feature manual operation for homeowners who prefer traditional home aesthetics.

What are the types of casement Sash Windows?

Casement sash windows have two leaves that move on hinges, either side of a central frame. The sashes can be operated by hand crank or cord. Casement sash windows are a popular choice, offering an attractive look and a great airflow. There are several different types of casement windows, including

Butterfly casement sash windows

The Butterfly casement sash window design creates a strong and sturdy frame for traditional sash windows. These units are ideal for creating an impressive look adding classic style to your property! At Trade Timber Windows and Doors we are always trying to give the customer a wider range of more designs than any other window company can offer.

Double-hung casement sash windows

Double-hung casement windows are taller than the more common, Single-hung windows. They have a higher sash that is normally slightly narrower than the lower sash. It can go in and out by swinging horizontally on its hinge, however, they are still not able to vent out as much air because of their design. We offer the best casement sash window options in Brighton.

Single-hung casement sash windows

A single-hung casement has two sashes in the frame, with an opening at the bottom-hinged on one side and a stay to help hold it open. This type of window is considered to be an optimum choice for your home or office as you can open them on both sides and let in maximum light. Single-hung casement windows to improve the design of your home. These innovative windows are a popular choice for a range of properties.

Awning casement sash windows

Awning casement sash windows are a traditional and time-tested window design. The “awning” – or hopper – sashes can be tilted outward by hand, for easy cleaning and maintenance of the sash windows.

Sliding casement sash windows

Sliding casement sash windows are a special type of casement window that includes glazing units with retractable sashes. The lift-up sash on sliding casement windows can be opened to provide ventilation, like standard casement windows. They are designed for easy cleaning because both the sash and frame slide open at any height in the window opening.

What are the benefits of Casement Sash Windows to your home?

Whether you’re after an openable window for ventilation, an elegant looking window for your home’s exterior design, or a security-conscious window for your home’s safety, casement sash windows have it all. Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton designs and installs Casement Sash Windows to meet these needs. With our perfect balance of ease-of-use and strong security, these casement windows make an excellent addition to any home. Their versatility also makes them a great choice for businesses due to their wide range of colors and finishes. A particular design is ideal when subtlety is desired; but this doesn’t get in the way of the aesthetics, with this design option perfectly fitting in with most architectural styles.

Casement sash windows are a very popular type of window, and with good reason too. They provide great ventilation, great security against intruders and they look fantastic whatever way you choose to finish them.

What other services do we offer?

The overhaul and draught seal of Casement Sash windows using our draught sealing system Aces Sash Windows Brighton can help you with your draught sealing needs. We will seal around the Casement window sashes and surrounds to maintain an airtight seal.


  • Paint Options

    Trade Timber Windows and Doors offer exciting new paint window options in color and wood finishes. With Aces Sash Windows Brighton, you can reach out with a choice of finish options to fit your taste or style that will always be there for you.

  • Design option

    Our new range of option casement windows are designed to look like their more-traditional sash equivalents, but require less space, have lower weight and improved performance.

Why Choose Us For Your Casement Sash Windows?


Highly professional

We work hard to ensure all jobs are completed to the highest standards by professionals who aim to exceed our client’s requirements. We hope that this ethos will help us become your first choice for any sash windows you may need.

Fast delivery

We understand the importance of customer satisfaction and that is why we offer competitive prices, quality installation services as well as speedy deliveries. Our services are available to everyone who wishes to have their windows or doors installed professionally and affordably.

We are committed to delivering your orders as quickly as possible, and we’re dedicated to working with our customers to ensure they are delighted with their purchase from Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton.

Constructed using the original style and design to fit your home

Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton uses the latest design on all of our casement sash windows which guarantees strength and quality.

Our casement windows have been extensively designed and refined by our expert engineers to ensure they perform as much as possible with the best reliability.

We understand the importance of customer satisfaction and that is why we offer competitive prices, quality installation services as well as speedy deliveries. Our services are available to everyone who wishes to have their windows or doors installed professionally and affordably.

Effective double-glazing – Multiple Options available

Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton, our company has over 50 years’ experience providing fully professional casement sash windows, quality products, and service at a competitive price that will exceed your expectations. We have casement sash windows in a range of styles and colors to complement any home.

30-Year warranty

Trade Timber Windows and Doors offers a 30-year guarantee on all casement windows in Brighton, so you can rest assured that your home is as secure and energy-efficient as possible.

Casement Sash Windows from Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton Manufactured and fitted to your exact requirements. 20-year warranty with FREE glazing for the 1st five years, available in a choice of finishes.

Free Customer Quotation

We are driven to provide our customers with exceptional quality products and services and we continually strive to achieve this by placing great importance on customer care and satisfaction from design through manufacture to installation. Service that will make you smile. And a fast, FREE quote from us means you can get started straight away.

Expert specialist fitting

Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton is a team of professional craftsmen who will provide you with friendly and reliable sash window fitting services. Our installers are fully trained in the installation and repair of all makes, models, and styles of sash windows in the Sussex area. We also install, repair, and renovate all types of casement windows in Brighton.


We’re here to help with expert professional advice on our casement windows with fast delivery and we are committed to giving excellent customer service.

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Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton in Brighton has made it simple to breathe new life into your old sashes – all you need is our experienced knowledge of how to build and renovate period sash windows. Please call us immediately for a free survey and guidance on all aspects of our products and services.

To find out more about our services, get free quotations, or arrange an appointment, call this number 01273 257 597.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sash on a casement window?

Sashes are the framework holding the window panes together within the frame of a casement window. A sash is the ‘glass’ part of a casement window, which can be opened and closed by a simple handle. They are called ‘sashes’ as they have been traditionally made from wooden frames and fitted with glass, which is also often referred to as a sash. In modern times sashes are typically made from acrylic (Perspex) or glass.Casement windows are the most common type of window in use today. As a result, they are among the most familiar to the general public. They open by rotating outwards from a vertical plane and have hinges on the outside wall of the frame that enables this movement. Casement window frames can be one piece or be divided into two separate movable portions that may overlap (co-action casements). One-piece casements, as well as co-action casement sashes, are characterised by the overlapping portion that forms an aesthetic treatment of the joint between the two sash members.

Can you match the style of my existing windows?

The style of your existing windows is important to you and here at Trade Timber Windows and Doors Windows Brighton. Replace your old, existing windows with Trade Timber Windows and Doors and make a real journey. By carefully restoring original sash window frames to their former glory and finishing off with our exquisite Aces Frames in bright, contemporary colours, you can literally transform the look of your home while breathing new life into tired, old sashes.

Will the replacement windows look exactly like my original sash windows?

For over decades, Trade Timber Windows and Doors have been building original sash windows and period solutions for clients across Brighton and Hove. Our team is always ready to offer advice on keeping your property looking, and working, as it did on day one. When it comes to your home, you want windows that are going to last and remain attractive. Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton is dedicated to making sure that the new windows you choose for your home will last for years to come. Avail yourself of our services now!


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