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What is triple glazing?

In construction, triple glazing is a term used for windows and glass doors that have 3 panes of glass. Primarily this means that a single piece of glass is reinforced with two layers, or “lites” of glass. Triple glazing creates a much stronger and more energy efficient window than double glazing. The extra layer of glass ensures your home is warmer in the winter months and cooler in the summer months.

In Brighton, Trade Timber Windows and Doors is certified to install triple glazing units. Triple glazed windows and doors offer an effective alternative to double glazed units because they keep outside noise, draughts and condensation out while providing excellent insulating properties.

What are the Benefits of Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton’s Triple Glazed Sash Windows?


Supreme Energy Efficiency

Our Triple Glazed Sash Windows are absolutely perfect for anyone looking to get the most out of their energy bills throughout the year. In fact, when you invest in triple glazing from Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton, you can save up a reasonable percentage on your energy bills with a reduction in heat loss. These windows are a superb way of improving energy efficiency without losing the style of your older property.

Noise Reduction

We offer top-quality triple glazed units in order to reduce noise to a minimum. With the help of our triple glazed sash windows, you get better soundproofing. The Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton’s Triple Glazed Sash Windows are highly effective in reducing noises from outside. Our triple-glazed sash windows are specifically designed and manufactured for their superior acoustic properties. They are available in a range of window styles, inside frame colours, and sizes – all featuring triple glazing.

On-going Support and After Sales Service

We offer all our sash window triple glazing jobs the same essential support and aftersales service, no matter how large or small your project. Whatever your needs are, our friendly team will help you every step of the way with practical advice and support from start to finish.

Increase the value of your home

Triple Glazed Sash windows will make your home look more attractive, and increase resale value. Investing in our triple glazed sash windows can help maintain the value of your home, decrease ongoing maintenance costs, and improve your comfort levels.

Improve Your Home Security

Triple Glazed Sash Windows offer Security because they are constructed with toughened glass which is less vulnerable to breakage under the impact, whilst the gas-filled space between the inner and outer glass panes means that even if it did break you wouldn’t be at risk from falling shards.

Remove Condensation and Draught

Over the years, you may have noticed condensation and draught caused by less-than-perfect windows. There’s no need to worry about draughts or condensation when you have our triple-glazed sash window installed in your home. With our triple glazed sash windows, you can reduce the risk of condensation forming on the inside of your windows due to cold air seeping through. Keep your home at the desired temperature with the help of Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton’s triple-glazed sash windows.

All these benefits are yours for the taking. All you simply need to do is call us up on 01273 257 597 to get our free, no-obligation consultation. Get in touch today.

Double Vs Triple Glazing

A lot of our customers ask which is better for their home, double glazing or triple glazing. Under certain conditions double-glazed sashes may not perform well enough to be classed as super energy efficient, making triple glazing an optimal solution.

Triple-glazed sash windows are the preferred option as it consists of three separate panes of glass, instead of two pairs, sandwiched together with a spacer. Triple glazing provides greater thermal protection against cold and draughts. This significantly reduces heat loss and noise transfer, bringing increased insulation, security, and comfort. If you’re looking to maximise the energy efficiency in your home, upgrading to a triple pane window is a great way to go.

Triple-glazed windows offer better insulation and energy performance than double glazed alternatives, while single pane windows tend not to insulate effectively at all. In fact, triple glazing reduces noise by 3dB more than double glazing, it also provides better thermal insulation and reduces condensation. Triple glazing also improves your home’s security by reducing vibration and providing good soundproofing.

While you can choose double-glazed windows over single-glazed windows for your home, triple glazing offers you even better soundproofing and reduced heat loss.

Our Triple-glazed Sash Windows Colour Options

  • White
  • Anthracite Grey
  • Cream
  • Black Brown
  • Golden Oak
  • Rosewood
  • Chartwell Green
  • Agate Grey
  • Irish Oak
  • English Oak
  • Nut tree
  • Anthracite smooth grey

Why Choose Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton For Your Sash Window Triple Glazing Project?

With so many benefits to purchasing a replacement window from Trade Timber Windows and Doors you may be asking yourself “Why Choose Us?” After all there are plenty of other replacement window companies in Brighton, but at Trade Timber Windows and Doors we have years of experience and expertise that allow us to consistently provide our customers with the highest level of customer satisfaction. When you hire Trade Timber Windows and Doors you’re hiring experts. We’ll do the hard work for you so that all you have to do is put out the bins or move a table. Trade Timber Windows and Doors offer an unbeatable quality service, complete with security and safety features. Here are more of what you get when you choose us for your sash windows triple glazing project:

Warranties and Guarantees

Our triple glazed windows come with a 10-year guarantee, giving you peace of mind through the lifetime of your windows. At Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton, we guarantee your satisfaction to always meet your needs. All our ranges are available in a huge selection of sizes and styles to guarantee you find the most suitable home improvements for your windows.

High-Quality Standard Product

You can be confident that you are getting only the best quality products when you choose our range of triple glazed sash windows. If you need triple glazed windows for your home or business premises, then trust Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton. All of our products are manufactured to the highest standards, are toughened, tested, and approved by window specialists.

Reliable Years of Experience

Our company was established over 10 years ago. We are experts in our industry and all our products are made to the highest quality standards. We have years of experience so that we can offer bespoke design and manufacture of sash style windows, offering freedom of design options such as size, glass options, and colour schemes to facilitate the replacement of old units or simply new window requirements.

Precision made-to-measure

We style and fit all our sash windows to meet your exact sash window requirements, so you can get the right windows for your home. Precision-made-to-measure sash windows have been part of our heritage for many years. Our knowledge and modern manufacturing facilities enable us to offer a range of superior quality sash windows with the highest level of fit, form, and function – at an unbeatable value for money.

Exceptional customer service

Our reputation for excellence in sash window repair and restoration is second to none. At Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton, our customer service operates on a warm, friendly, and personal level that will have you coming back time and again.

Whether it be a call out for work or a free no-obligation quote, we will always treat our customers in the same warm manner they deserve. This level of service has enabled us to win numerous prestigious awards in recent years for our customer care and attention to detail.

Professional installers

Over the years we’ve built up a network of expert installers in Brighton. We trust them to install your window properly and ensure you receive excellent customer service throughout the process. Our team will manage your project from the design stage through to installation.

Competitive Price

At Trade Timber Windows and Doors in Brighton, we offer exceptional pricing on our sash windows so that you won’t need to spend a fortune to get what you want. Our competitive prices for sash windows and sash window triple glazing can be attributed to our efficient and effective approach to running our business. We believe that this ensures we deliver exceptional value for money in all areas of our projects.

Approved by Fensa and Checkatrade

At Trade Timber Windows and Doors Sash Windows Brighton, we are proud to say that we have been a top choice for many. With us, you are going to get durable triple glazing. Not only that, but the service will also be of the highest level. We are an approved company by Fensa and Checkatrade. We provide a free survey, free glass supply and fit, 10 years guarantee, professional experience, free measure, free quotation service, and many more.

Start your project with us today!

Our triple-glazed sash window is a custom-made design to enhance your home. It combines the craftsmanship of an antique with the energy efficiency of modern construction methods. This sash window joins together ideas of old and new, combining traditional and ultra-modern techniques to create a beautiful product.

To find out more about our services, get free quotations, or arrange an appointment, call this number 01273 257 597.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a triple glazing cost?

The answer to that question is of course dependent on what you are looking for, and the number of windows you wish to have installed or replaced. Also, the frame type, spacer bars, glass type, and level of insulation are determinants. The price will also depend on where you live, as living in a remote rural area will cost more than if you live in town or a major city.

Should I get double or triple glazing?

Triple glazing can cost more than double glazing but will deliver better thermal efficiency and more energy-saving benefits to you. Triple glazing is the preferred option as it uses 3 panes of glass. This significantly reduces heat loss and noise transfer, bringing increased insulation, security, and comfort. While you should choose double-glazed windows over singles for your home, triple glazing offers you even better soundproofing and reduced heat loss.

How can you tell if a window is triple glazed?

You can tell a triple glazed window by the number of stars displayed on the Energy Saving Trust label, which indicates how energy efficient a window is. For instance, a window with double glazing displays an A**rating while the single-glazed window with stars displays an A*. Our triple-glazed windows display an A*** rating and are among the best installed in homes in Brighton and you’ll notice it immediately – quieter, smoother, and more resistant to condensation.

How long do triple glazed windows last?

Triple glazed windows from Trade Timber Windows and Doors Sash Window Brighton have a high U value, which means they are highly energy efficient. They also have high resistance to condensation and will last for many years if well looked after. With the correct installation, triple glazed windows can perform for up to 30 years on average.

How can I Maintain my Triple Glazed Sash Windows?

The materials used in making these triple glazed sash windows are designed to be weather-resistant, but there is still a high need to maintain them. Triple glazed sash windows have been designed to be easy to clean and long-lasting, but over time their performance will degrade if they are not cared for properly. To keep your triple glazed sash windows functioning properly and maximising the benefits of triple glazing, it’s recommended that you clean them regularly.


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