Sound Proofing for Sash Windows in Brighton

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What Are the Benefits of Soundproofing Your Sash Windows?


Better Sleep

If you or a family member has trouble sleeping because of loud street noise, outside pests or other causes, soundproofing your sash windows will help improve the sound isolation between the outside of your house and the inside, affording a better night’s sleep.

Good Health

Soundproofing your sashes doesn’t just stop annoying noises and save you from mental strain. It also helps to improve the overall health of your family as noise pollution exposes you to higher levels of carbon dioxide and other pollutants which, along with lack of sleep, cause stress, depression and heart disease.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Sash windows soundproofing helps to reduce noise from the street that may come into your home, and thus reducing energy costs. This may be done by fitting thick foam gaskets to the window frames or panes and glazing your windows with sound absorption glass.

Improved Property Value

If you want your home to be more attractive to potential buyers or renters, soundproof sash windows are a great way to offer better value. Your house will be more appealing and hold greater value when what goes on inside of it can’t be heard outside of it.

Reduced Condensation

When the temperature outside rises too high, it begins to transfer into your home – leading to condensation on the inside of your windows. Soundproofing your sash windows is a big step towards reducing the amount of condensation that is bound to occur in your home after winter.

Improved Privacy

Noises that are able to travel outside indicate a lack of privacy in the home and can suggest an unclean environment. Soundproofing your sash windows allows you to create a more private environment both inside and out.

Our Sash Windows Soundproofing Solutions

Acoustic Draught Seals

Adding our acoustic draught seals to your sash windows will not only help to keep the weather out but can make a significant improvement to the soundproofing performance of your sash window. Our acoustic draught seals are particularly relevant if you are located in an urban environment, adjacent to a busy road or train line, and are trying to create a peaceful environment for yourself and your family.

Secondary Glazing

Whether fitted to your existing sash windows or placed inside solid wood frames, Secondary Glazing is a cost-effective solution for improving soundproofing. Available in a wide range of window types and profiles, our sash secondary glazing will transform your rooms into more comfortable spaces where you can relax or work undisturbed by outside noises.

Triple Glazing

We install triple glazed sash windows to improve your home’s sound insulation, reduce your energy bills and protect you from intrusive outside noise. Our triple glazing will significantly reduce outside noise as well as soundproof your room and give more effective insulation without compromising the look of your window frame.

Acoustic Glass

Our acoustic glass provides glass soundproofing to acoustic sash windows. It is available as either standard double or triple-glazed sash windows or as framed glass for use with existing sash windows. The acoustic glass comes complete with toughened safety glass, a slim lead profile, high-quality sealing and a choice of optional sidelights and handles.

Sash Windows Replacement

Our Sash Windows replacement is an easy, cost-effective way to cut noise from outside a room making it the perfect solution for removing unwanted sounds so you can get a better night’s sleep or work more productively.

Bespoke Sash Designs

Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton offers a range of bespoke sash designs to help you reduce the amount of noise entering through your windows. Each system is designed with the best acoustic products to suit your needs at home, in an office block or workshop.

Why Choose Us?


Quality and Sustainability

Quality is about more than simply making great soundproofed windows. It’s about making sure the finished product will work seamlessly with your lifestyle and last you a lifetime. We don’t believe in putting our customers’ homes at risk, that’s why we use only the highest quality materials to soundproof your sash windows for your lasting satisfaction.


Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton are accredited by FENSA, the UK’s authorised scheme for monitoring building regulation compliance. As a result, customers can be assured that our work meets the highest possible standards within the construction industry.

Wealth of Experience

Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton has been soundproofing sash windows in Brighton for decades. Our wealth of experience makes us the number one choice for residential and commercial property owners throughout the region.

Superior Craftsmanship

At Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton, we take pride in our work and commitment to delivering superb products for the residential and commercial properties. Our products are fashioned using premium quality materials for a high level of durability. The result is a superior build that will give you a lifetime of satisfaction.

Excellent Customer Service

At Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton we know that nothing is more important than the complete satisfaction of our customers and their peace of mind – which is why we are dedicated to providing excellent customer service with every aspect of our business.

10-Year Guarantee

All work is covered under our Insurance backed 10-year guarantee. Which means for the next 10 years if any of the products installed by us fail, then we will come back and replace or repair the product free of charge.

FREE Consultation

We offer free consultation to help you decide which products work best for your home or business. This also includes a range of free advice about choosing the right products, as well as answers on soundproofing questions you may have.

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Our Sash Windows Soundproofing Process


  • sash window

    Step 1: Initial Consultation

    Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton offers free, no-obligation initial consultations to determine the soundproofing requirements of your property. The initial consult will give you and our window technician the chance to talk through some of the possibilities.

    We will advise you on your options and any possible ways in which we can help. One of our experienced technicians will carry out an on-site survey, making detailed notes, so that a quotation can be prepared for you.

  • Step 2: Noise Analysis

    Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton carry out a noise analysis on all sash windows before we do any work on them. This is in line with the industry standards of installing soundproofing within your home. Our team will conduct a noise analysis on your building site (measuring soundproofing effectiveness).

    The noise analysis done by our experienced sound engineering engineers is a crucial process in any soundproofing project. If the source of the noise is not identified accurately, properly calculated and metered properly, then there could be unwanted side effects, false readings of reductions in noise propagation to be made and could lead to costly remedial work.

  • Step 3: Solutions Recommendation

    After tracing your main sound problems, how you would like to eliminate them and what effect this solution would have for you, we then offer you a possible solution to these problems focusing first on the area where noise is most affecting and then going through all the areas that you desire to soundproof.

    All of our recommendations will be custom-made for your individual home and based on the exact size, shape, and material of your sash windows. This allows us to make sure that the final cost of the work does not end up being more than you expected.

  • Step 4: Installation

    Our sash window soundproofing installation process starts by carefully removing your old sashes, then we’ll fit new openable/removable modern sashes using special soundproof windows designs. We then fit our acoustic seal in between your panes to block out unwanted noise.

    An insulation pad will be placed between the moving parts of the sash and the astragal, creating a buffer around the moving areas of the sash. The sash will then be refitted into their original place in the window and any excess material can then be trimmed. Finally, the window will then be screwed back into place.

    For more information on how we can help with your soundproofing needs get in touch today. Call 01273 257 597.

Areas We Serve in Brighton

Here at Trade Timber Windows and Doors Sash, we work across Brighton to provide our high-quality products and services to a range of customers. Since our establishment, our experienced and qualified craftsmen will deliver the first-class service for whatever you need.

We have worked in many areas in Brighton like Hove, Portside, Lewes,Worthing and Seaford. For more information on any of our services in these locations, simply get in touch with our friendly team of experts today on 01273 257 597 – we’ll be happy to help, whatever the enquiry.

Because we are a mobile company, we have done jobs around areas like Ditching, Shoreham, Ringmer, Plumpton Green and Burgess Hill. No matter the location you are in Brighton, you can call us for your double glazing installation and replacements. Our crew of installers in Brighton is on hand to tackle any soundproofing job you require. Call our team today via 01273 257 597 or fill out our enquiry form if it is out of hours.

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At Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton, we specialise in providing high-quality bespoke soundproofing solutions to homeowners and businesses across Brighton. We pride ourselves on our complete dedication, professionalism and high-quality products & service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much noise reduction can you achieve with sash windows soundproofing?

There is potential to achieve up to 45dB of noise reduction with sash windows soundproofing. But every property is different so the level of noise reduction could vary depending on the quality of installation and where your home is located.

How effective is your acoustic glass?

Our acoustic soundproofing glass is generally more effective than other glass due to increased spacing of the interlayer which also reduces visual light distortion.

Can your acoustic glass be installed in conservation areas?

Yes, our acoustic glass can be installed in conservation areas – please contact us directly if you would like to discuss how it could be applied in this instance. Call 01273 257 597.

Do I need secondary glazing to soundproof my sash windows?

It is not necessary to fit secondary glazing to soundproof sash windows. However, secondary glazing can be an effective solution in giving you soundproofing benefits to reduce noise transfer.

Do soundproof windows really work?

Yes. Soundproofing windows can make a big difference in reducing the amount of noise from outside that can get inside a room. At Trade Timber Windows and Doors Glazing Brighton, our soundproofing windows solutions are cost-effective, which means that they are excellent ways of reducing noise in your property.

How long do soundproofed windows last?

The lifespan of soundproofing varies. The critical factor in determining the life expectancy of soundproofed windows is the quality of the installation. If they are poorly fitted and poorly sealed, or if they are subject to extremes of temperature or moisture, the effects on the window’s seals will greatly shorten their life expectancy.

How much does your soundproofing service cost?

The cost of the work will vary from property to property but should always remain competitive with other contractors in the area. Call us today on 01273 257 597 for a free quote.

How can I soundproof my windows without replacing them?

At Trade Timber Windows and Doors, we have a range of ways to help you soundproof your windows without the expense of replacing them. Our premium double glazing can dramatically reduce the noise levels coming through your windows.Also, our acoustic glass is twice as thick as most standard double glazing and is made with insulated glass units and more layers of toughened glass. Call us today on 01273 257 597 to discuss the best way to soundproof your windows without replacing them.

How long does the work take?

It depends upon whether the entire house is being done or just a couple of rooms, and how big the room is.Call us on 01273 257 597 to get started.


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